Time to go public…

Sonic The future sound of Tao Year 2014, 3rd millenium of the Christian civilisation….

After 35 years of mixing and producing innovative music for the underground world of partying, Tao Yoshi decided it was time to go public and to open its own website to present his work of a lifetime.

Therefore, you can browse this website and enjoy the Flyer collection, just a sample of all the parties Tao Yoshi had the chance to organize or play at… Obviously, this is only a sample, we can’t display, on one page, 35 years of entertaining partygoers !

Of course, this website starts from the past history of Tao, and will continue toward the future and be regularly updated to let you know what’s up in Tao’s life of partying!

So, to be sure not to miss any of Tao Yoshi great parties, stay tuned


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