Tao Yoshi @ Sonica Dance Festival 2015

DJ Tao Yoshi, is already scheduled for Sonica 2015, which will take place August 12th to 17th, 2015 at Dolomites Alps in North Italy, Tao Yoshi Homeland !

Sonica Dance Festival 2015

The exact time of Tao Yoshi Set is not yet known, but he will play on August 12th Night for his great return to his Homeland after his Asia Tour 2014-2015…

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For this special night, Tao Yoshi will start his new live project “Alien Psy Technology” and take you to a trip to High Teck (Tao Teck) through Outer Space !…

Tao Yoshi, Lord of Dolomites Alps Night Underground Party Scene

The Spirit of Sonica Dance Festival

Sonica Pictures

Sonica 10 Years Celebration GOA Teaser

Enjoy a Special Warm-Up Party of Sonica 2015 in Goa, February 27th 2015 in Monkey Valley, Chapora, Goa, India !

Sonica Goa Teaser

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